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A fantasy-drama series that follows the descendants of ancient gods and heroes, secretly living in the modern world. It’s the demigods of Percy Jackson with the politics of Game of Thrones and House of Cards. Secret societies struggle for control of the last corners of the Earth where the Mythic Age survives. It’s a world of alliances and betrayals, cults and politics, friendship and power. It’s the thrill of making a wish, and the horror of it coming true. It’s where flawed, wounded, and lonely people can be heroes too.

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Book One: Fellwater

Book Two: Hallowstone

Book Three: Clan Fianna

Book Four: Elderdown

Spinoff Novella: The Seekers

Spinoff Novella: A Trick Of The Light

“Myers’ characters inhabit a world rich with political intrigue; the machinations of aristocratic families descended from ancient gods. Fellwater is taut, poignant, and imaginative.”

- Jordan Stratford,
author of “Mechanicals” and “Wollstonecraft”

“Masterfully weaving together a rich world of mythos, Myers follows in the footsteps of the great fantasy storytellers of our time—Martin and Tolkien—but he does it on his own terms, bringing new twists and turns. Humanity lives on stories. Buy the whole series. It will nourish your imagination and soul for years to come.”

- L.M. Browning, author of “The Nameless Man”

“Brendan Myers has taken his deep understanding of the Celtic culture and created a world as riveting as George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. His characters, setting, and plot line are smoothly intertwined and masterfully unfolded, leaving the reader yearning for more.”

- Yvonne Erlichman, God Box Cafe.

“On my bookshelf, the Fellwater Tales might only be a few books away from the likes of Neil Gaiman's American Gods.”

- Jan Bosman, reviewer on Amazon.

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